Ceremony and Chocolate

If you are just getting to know me THANK YOU!!! I am so excited to have you here with me. You will often hear me talk about cacao as one of my most sacred forms of medicine. Being bedridden has created a healing opportunity that has strengthened my connection to my sacred self.

No, I do not drink the typical organic cocoa powder stuff you find at the health food store. I mean REAL cacao strait from the grower. I have so much to tell you about this sacred fruit but for now I wanted to invite you to join me in ceremony with a company that I love called ” FireFly Chocolate”.

They have changed my life and my connection with my sacred self. They offer what is called a Cacao Ritual Forecast, At the beginning of each month, they will be sending out this monthly ritual forecast sharing relevant dates to sit in cacao ritual.

There intent is to share astrological dates that help you and me align with the natural cycles of the planet that we live on, and also highlight holidays and notable historical dates for a mix of cosmic and grounded opportunity to reflect.

For those with a daily cacao practice, you can view these dates as opportunities to go a bit deeper with your ceremony by dedicating more time, planning a more involved ritual, or perhaps increasing your cacao dose a bit. These dates can also be an opportunity to plan ahead for a (virtual) group ritual with friends. They encourage us to make the rituals authentic to who we are, bringing in however we connect to the divine, spirit, source, universal energy of LOVE.
July Ritual Dates
July 12 | Mercury Stations Direct
July 18 | Nelson Mandela Day
July 20 | Cancer New Moon
July 22 | Leo Season Begins!
Aug 3   | Aquarius Full Moon
They also have our weekly virtual cacao ceremonies on Tuesday, July 14, 21 & 28th
Click Here where e can sign up !
Cacao Ritual Inspiration & Suggestions
July 12 | Mercury finishes its retrograde
One of the more well-known planetary retrogrades, Mercury rx is known for communication mishaps, technology glitches, and completing arrangements requiring more steps and grit than we’re used to.Really, retrogrades are about slowing down and reflecting. A lot of the perceived challenges of Mercury RX can be mitigated by adopting a slower pace and releasing our familiar push towards productivity.We recommend a solo ritual with our Glowing Guatemala cacao. Reflect on what has transpired in your inner world from June 17th through today. What lessons did you learn? What healing threads provided new levels of understanding for you?
July 18th | Nelson Mandela Day
A good day to sit with a cup of cacao and tune in to the life and teachings of Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s great revolutionaries.We recommend a solo or small group ritual with our Medicinal Mushroom cacaoWatch this 13-minute video about Mandela’s life & impact, and reflect on what came up for you as you watched the video in the context of what is happening in the U.S. and around the world today regarding racism & police brutality.
July 20 | Cancer New Moon
This unusual second Cancer new moon in a row invites us to deepen into the intentions we set and learnings that arose during the previous Cancer new moon on June 20th. This watery sign is about home, family, foundations, and lineage.Our Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao can help you tap into your feminine energy on this New Moon. This is a powerful time to set intentions and think about how you can nurture these intentions so they can grow like seeds planted in healthy nutritious soil.
July 22 | Welcome to Leo Season
Leo energy carries a strong presence, strengthened by the blazing sun this is the time to tune into your inner fire and express it playfully & creatively.We recommend being as social as you feel comfortable with perhaps planning a virtual cacao ceremony where you get dressed up and embody the radiant playful energy of Leo’s lionheart in full expression. Dance! Sing! Share! Our Oaxacan Spice cacao is a perfect warming cacao for this occasion.
August 3 | Aquarius Full Moon
Like a breath of fresh air, this powerful & unique breeze of Aquarian energy illuminates our creativity at this time. What is YOUR unique essence that you are here to share with the world? Aquarius is an intellectual air sign meaning they love thinking through things. Now is a good time to envision the future that your heart knows is possible for yourself and for the collective. Aquarians are here for this transformational time we are undergoing on the planet right now, and this revolutionary energy is filling us up to bring in the change that we need.Boundless Belize supports you in a visioning session on this Full Moon. You could make vision boards with yourself, a partner or a few friends, or host a zoom cacao ceremony where you share your collective visions for where our world is heading from here. This full moon is a powerful opportunity to co-create with the universe, use it!
I hope you will join me with Firefly Chocolate in this unique opportunity to connect deeper into your own spiritual practice. As always remember we can change the world but it has to start at home.

PS: I forgot to tell you I am an affiliate for FireFly chocolate. If you would like to enjoy this form of medicine CLICK HERE your discount code is [SACRED SISTERS }and you will receive your discount code and I will receive a small commission off your first order which would help me out allot in buying my own cacao.

Journaling: Why it’s important for your mental health

Creating a journal that you will want to write in everyday is very important to your mental health. It doesn’t have to be a “dear diary” type of journal. It can be any style you want! There are many different ways to accomplish the perfect style of journal for you. It has to work for YOU, not someone else. Journaling has many health benefits, and experts say it is one of the best ways to de-stress.

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Forgiveness: Why is it so important?

Forgiveness. It’s one of those touchy subjects we have all heard time and again. Forgiveness. We all know that “experts” say that we all need to learn to forgive. But why? Why is forgiveness so vital to our wellbeing? Why do we need to not only forgive others, but also, ourselves? What is the big deal? Why do we need to forgive the mistakes that we all make? Forgiving can create peace in our lives where bitterness, anger, grief, and heartache can live.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

First and foremost, obtaining true forgiveness is vital for our survival. I want to start out by saying that it is okay to feel our feelings. They are there for a reason! But, it is not okay to harm another because of our own anger or disappointment.

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The Importance of Ceremonial Chocolate

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What exactly is “Ceremonial Chocolate?”

We as women tend to always crave chocolate. The media encourages it, we crave it, especially during certain times of our monthly cycle, society tells us to eat as much as we can, and doctors and medical journals tell us it can actually be good for us.

But what is “ceremonial chocolate” and why is it different than any other chocolate that we consume? First, raw cacao is a great source of polyphenols. These are antioxidants that are found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, wine, etc. They help reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and help maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Unfortunately, processed cocoa available in most stores and online are stripped of their natural superfood benefits. The cacao is heated to a high temperature and alkaline is often added to cut the bitterness. This can often take out as much as 60% of the antioxidant benefits! 

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My story and why I started the Sisterhood

My name is Cheryl Ann Partridge. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our Sacred Sisterhood Tribe and myself. To be honest I really struggle with putting myself out there. Can you relate? A special thank you to Aubry Knorr who has put in many volunteer hours in creating and paying for this website. She will also be creating blogs and content on this page so I can focus on bringing our Sacred Women Principles to you.

I am a daughter, sister, cousin, wife and mother of a beautiful little girl names Sophia. I am now living in the heart of a small village in central Maine where I grew up. Why I moved back to my hometown is a miraculous story for another time. How much my life has transformed since being bedridden. Allowing my sacred self to let go of all that has caused me harm in my life and now stepping into myself fully. To help other women heal just as I have. To transform our lives as sisters collectively. My journey I now share with you in the hopes we can transform and empower each other. Together I truly believe we can heal the world. As long as we do this work at home. We can have different faiths, diversities, privileges, political views, live in different parts of the world. We can have all have one thing in common our “Sacred Women Principles”. I am grateful each day for every single challenge I have ever faced. Without these lessons I would have never made it to you. Here is my story. I hope you enjoy it…….

I knew I was different around the age of five, but exactly how different revealed itself to me as the years unfolded. I have memories of trying to shift the energy in my care takers when they were unhappy. Trying to explain to my Sunday school teachers how what they were saying was not quite right. Proceeding to teach the class at nine years old the “true message” I was quickly taken to see the priest. As I was brought to the priest for some correction something happened that changed my life and brought me to YOU and this sisterhood.

He told me that day to seek knowledge of all faiths of all spiritual paths that are based around love. After I felt I had enough knowledge, I was to come back to him and we could talk. So, at the tender age of nine years old, I became an acolyte and fell in love with spirituality and the knowledge of all faiths that were of love. I new that day in his office why I was born and my souls purpose. Big stuff for a nine year old but it felt exciting, peaceful and right.

One day I told my dad that I could hear and feel things that others couldn’t seem to hear or see. I just knew things, and minutes, days, or even weeks later, it would happen. I could feel things, even though people told me that I couldn’t. My dad looked at me strait in the eye and said “I have it too”. I had no idea someone was just like me. For the first time, I no longer felt alone or weird. He said, “Sherry,” (which is my nickname), “if you ever want to turn it off, come to me and I can teach you.” I never talked to him again about it. I never asked questions about his gifts or what he new. All I new is that I did not want to shut if off. Why did he?

When I was a teenager, I expressed to my mom and dad that I would like to be a priest or pastor. They explained to me the only path for women at that time would be to become a nun. I told them “Fine. I would like to become a nun then.” They explained to me that there is no way to make a living as a nun, meaning, no money. I would have nothing.

I sat at the dining room table and became silent. I asked, “How do nuns survive without money?” They explained that the church takes care of their basic needs and they become part of the church and live for service. I sat and listened about never being able to marry and what it would mean to give up everything. I kept thinking about all of that, but I also would get to do what I love and I could help be of service to people. I truly believed that this was the path I was meant to lead. After a long talk, I told my mom and dad that this is what I need to do. With a quick and firm “no,” I was told to never bring it up again. 

I spent the rest of my years getting licenses, certifications, and learning modalities in a multitude of spiritual areas and different wellness industries.  I studied every modality in the wellness industry that you could think of along with aesthetics, massage therapy, Aurvedic medicine, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and so on. I dove into at the age of 19 becoming a Reiki practitioner, studied with shamans, Kundalini practices, yogic dance. Studied the bible inside and out along with sanskrit. The more I studied trying to find that “practice’ I had forgotten my nine year old self who new my calling. As I entered a church at age 28, the pastor yelled to the congregation while looking strait into my eyes ( I had never stepped foot into that church before) “You can change the world by starting at home!” 

Within a few weeks of that, I bought my home, which I then opened as a wellness center. I included massage therapy and other energy modalities. I went to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and then studied with a company called Milis . I specialized in knee and back pain along with autoimmune diseases. I talked about detox plans, started B-Well Revolution, and helped clients through surgeries, migraines, rashes, hormone in-balance. Spiritual awareness, and everything trending.

I was still not happy. I still had this feeling that I was not doing enough. I was not serving the way I NEEDED TO SERVE. My childhood dream forgotten for the sake of money and what the latest trend was. I was pulling away from ho I was and my divine purpose.

After being 100% better for over a year of countless relapses of my own auto-immune disorder, I found myself again. I finally remembered that nine year old little girl who knew what she wanted. Knowing I could never use my hands and arms again in the same way because of my illness, this was my highest trying to tell me and help me remember who I truly am. 

One morning, something happened. To be honest, if someone told me this story, I would in no way believe them, so here goes me being brave anyway. I was nursing my daughter, Sophia, in bed. As I looked out my window that overlooks the water and beautiful birch trees, the greens appeared thick and luscious. I asked my highest what to do. I felt so lost. “Which direction do you want me to go in? I need to know more!” I began to cry. I remember the tears falling on Sophia’s forehead. As the leaves moved, I saw a face kind of like when you see a shape in the clouds. As the leaves moved, I heard a voice say, “You know enough. Stop searching. Go and teach.” I tried to explain to her that I most certainly do not know enough and couldn’t possibly teach.

I closed my eyes and became flooded with visions and information . It started with my childhood, going through each phase of my life and a principal that I had learned from that phase. After the twelfth principal appeared, I opened my eyes. The leaves took on a shape of just leaves. It was over. My dad told me stories like this as a child, but did this just happen to me?

I wrote all twelve principles down as quickly as I could. I knew then that every hard, happy, wild, shitty, and magical thing that I had ever experienced brought me to this miracle. This miracle is now my gift to you.

Together, we will heal and change the world. We can only do this if, as women, we remember our lineage and our ancestors. We must understand that our super power is a menstrual cycle, and our womb space. Why it is vital for mankind that we heal so that we, in turn, can heal the world. We cannot change the world if we first don’t heal in our own homes, with our own families, and in our own communities.

I stepped into bravery in June of 2018 and am teaching these 12 principles each and every Sunday. These teachings are free and my gift to the women of the world. We meet each week on Facebook here is the link to our temple I hope you will join us in our Sacred Sisterhood Tribe Temple located in Facebook. Click HERE to join women from all over the world.

We are women from all over the world from all faiths, privileges, diversities, and everything that makes us different from one another. We come together in unity with a bond strengthened by learning our “Sacred Women Principles”. We are just one piece of gorgeous fabric that has the opportunity to make the most magnificent quilt. Together, we can change the world  because we are willing to start at home.