Full Moon Bleeding

I have talked to ALLOT OF WOMEN about their menstrual cycle and how much of a powerful force it is in our lives. With a response that goes much like this….” What are you talking about Cheryl?” with a few eye rolls to follow. As women we have been coming out of the darkness and oppression and into the light. Wanting to fully come back to who we are.

Women, even in this day and age have no idea that their menstrual cycle is actually their “superpower”. Lost in generations of how magnificent our cycle actually is. If you are ready to take back your power and learn what it means to LIVE fully in who you are join our Sacred Sisters Temple.

Bleeding on the full moon is a call to let go of menstruation blood and with it anything from our past to allow a new creation to come forth. For us to use our passion and intensity to overcome old conditioning so that we can rise fully into this creation.This is the time to create, birth and nourish outwardly for the world to experience. This medicine the world is looking for a needing. Your power is NOW.

There should be no surprise that right now many of us are and will be bleeding on the full moon. We as women are being called to act and create in response to what is going on the world around us. Together as women we are being called to heal this world but we need all of us to create and place that work out for all the world to see.

Each phase for our seasonal cycle has a potent power to tap into it’s knowledge and wisdom. As we share this wisdom collectively IS HOW we reclaim our power.

I will continue to write about our cycle of power right here. Join our temple by clicking here.

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