How can “WE BE IN THIS TOGETHER” during this pandemic?

In this short teaching I will talk about what I am seeing since this term and emoji has come up around us “being in this together”.

I have seen more hate, more division and full our war more now then ever since I have heard this phrase. How are we in this together if we are tearing each other apart? I get it, we think and feel differently. They are wrong and we are right mentality aka “war mentality” has served us for centuries. Does or has this worked? The answer is absolutely NO WAY!

One step towards stepping away from war mentality is simple…….. it’s kindness. You can be passionate about something and not be insulting and trying to force your agenda on someone. You can give the oppositions facts and information and leave the bullying alone. Yes????

Be the light among your friends and family. Exchange healthy forms of communication and be the peace and light. You may just effect one other person to do the same. If enough of us stop the “war mentality” others will follow.

“Together we can change the world because we are willing to do the work at home.”

XO Cheryl

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