Messages From Spirit

Messages from spirit means to me messages from the Devine Mother ( Holy Spirit) and the Devine Father ( God) . I wish I could tell you that these messages come on command and at will. For me this is not the experience I have. These messages come at random. Although I am finding a pattern. When I am outside sipping on my coffee mixed with ceremonial cacao. When I am in the shower. My most powerful time has been when I have been in extraordinary physical pain. On occasion when I have been in emotional pain and trying to find clarity. I do not hold a special ceremony or even light a candle. My daughter calls “calling in on my invisible phone”. As I receive a message I will now try to record them and place them here. I hope they can help you in your own journey as we walk together in sisterhood.

LOVE– This is a message about what it means to really celebrate Valentines Day. Spirit wants to remind you about how this day is about LOVING YOU!!!! Celebrating the love for yourself, nature, connection with spirit and the heavens. Especially watch dear sister if you are struggling with LOVING YOURSELF! I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Burn Out? Stressed?