Play More Experiment LIVE Class

Play More Experiment

This was a class I offered 3 years ago ! I am so excited I found it in my collections and can bring this class to you. This class changes my own life every time I teach it.

The audio as you will be able to tell is not good quality. Thank you so much for understanding. I hope you can get passed that and enjoy the class. You will be looking at your life with WAY more play!

Day #1 – 80/20 Rule

Here is the book I talked about – 4-Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

I am giving you a ton of information today. Make sure you have a pen and notebook ready. I was so nerves being on camera that I was a little all over the place. Although every time I retake this class I learn something new about myself since my life evolves every year. Please share with me how you enjoy your first day . xo Cheryl


80/20 Rule

1. Food

2. Work

3. Movement

Time Suckers

1. Who

2. What

Day #2 Boredom and Magic

Let’s have some FUN and work on boredom! You ARE in control of your boredom. Let’s bring the magic back every day of your life!

Today’s Reflections:

1. How can you bring magic and play to the “Have To Do’s”?

2. Things that are hard and challenging can you ask for help?

3. Who and what are your energy sucks?

We are no longer moon meals but we do have ongoing virtual sacred circles.

Day #3

We are on Day 3 and I am so excited you have made it this far! It takes huge courage especially as women to prioritize PLAY. Today I am checking in to see how you are doing with Day 1 and Day 2. Time to pause and see how things are going is so important for us a women.


1. Review

2. Schedule

3. Are you paddling upstream?

You are doing such an amazing job. Please leave me a comment so that I can cheer you on.

Day #4

We are on Day 4 and I am so proud of you. This is allot in such a small amount of time. Reflections:

1. It is OK not to play!

2. Do you need to change your play?

3. Write down your friends/soul sisters/family who you can connect with.

PS: I created the #palymoreexperiment before I created the Sacred Sisterhood Tribe. You now have a tribe of friends to call your own. If you need to connect please reach out to us we are here for you always.

Day #5

YOU DID IT!!!!! Take your time with this experiment. Do this class over and over again. Every year I learn something new about myself. How I need to shift and change so my life becomes easy. Change takes time and YOU HAVE THIS!!! You can enjoy life. You can enjoy more play. Life can be FUN. This is your free will to choose.


1. You deserve this transition!

2. Celebrate!

3. Become your own observer?

Thank you sister for being part of our #playmoreexperiment!!! If you would like to dive deeper into you there are two more classes you can take. As part of being here in our Sacred Sisterhood Tribe you can take our B-Well Revolution Wellness Class and our Path to the Sacred Self teaching. I can’t wait to see you there. xo Cheryl

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