Sacred Women Principles “LIVE” Ceremonies

AN AWAKING FOR A NEW SPIRITUAL VIEW ~ The way of the SACRED WOMEN is it’s teachings that live within all of us. We know that despite our differences, privileges, faiths, devotions, political views, and where we live in the world that we can come together as one. We do this by learning our Sacred Women Principles. We know that we can change not just our life by practicing these sacred principles but we will have the ability to “Change the world because we are willing to start at home”

In these unparalleled times in our human history, we as women are being called to remember who we are. It is time to restore the within so the world may heal and thrive again! We are the wise women of this earth. Embracing and empowering yourself will create light within you. That light you will then be able to share with every single woman you come in contact with. I truly believe we can change the world but we need to start at home.

What To Expect:

These teaching ARE ORAL. Each month we focus on one sacred women principle. These principles live within me. As you listen to the teaching and as you practice each principle, they in turn live within you. As like all living things they grow, change, awaken and evolve as each year’s pass. These principle seeds will stay the same each month. Our practice within them change and awaken each year.

A Notebook or Journal. Please feel free to write what feels right for you. Have a notebook and pen with you. Take what you like and leave the rest.  If you feel called to share what you have learned hashtag #sacredsisterhoodtribe so I can cheer you on

White Candle Of Unity We light a white candle to signify even though we cannot be together in person we can be together in spirit.

Print Outs Are Available.  These printouts are of our “Sacred Sisterhood Prayer”, “Prayer For Healing”, and song ” How Can Anyone Ever Tell You”.  I created these prayers with the intent for all faiths to be included and honored. I hope you enjoy them. Our song was one that I learned from UU Women</a> and our fellow sister “Twinkle “


Here is our focus each and every month. We break down each principle into four pieces of our self.  Week One – Whole Self, Week 2 – Spirit Self, Week 3 – Mental/Emotional Self Week 4 – Body Self. There may be bonus material for months that have 5 weeks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy teaching them. There is no charge and my gift to you. Come back each week to see a new video or subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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