Stores We Love&Support

This is a page of my most favorite things along with your fellow sisters business that you can support all year long. I believe this is so important in helping our tribe thrive as a community. All links will be in the name of the business. Enjoy shopping sisters!!!!


  • FireFly Chocolate – My most sacred daily medicines. If you need help picking one out please go to my “ask me anything page”. You will receive 5% off with this code {SACREDSISTERS}
  • Wild Flower Tea Shop – Owner sister Hillary Libby her tea shop and apothecary is all about connection and healing.
  • Fresh Cap – I am a mushroom lover once I learned about it’s super powers. My favorite is THRIVE 6 , there is so much awesomeness to one bag you have to read it to believe it.
  • Dandy Blend – I get this product from iHerb because they usually have the lowest price. This product is a wonderful coffee replacement. It also has all the benefits of dandelion and chicory root.
  • Green Superfood – I will drink this every day just to make sure I am getting in all my greens. iHerb has the best price I have found also for this product.
  • Tulsi Tea Sweet Rose – It would not be Sophia’s and I tea time without it. I learned about this magical plant when studying at Kirpalu many years ago.
  • MisFit Market – The ugly food you will want to eat. Our family loves opening the surprise boxes it is a blast. This is organic foods that the grocery stores will not take because it is ugly. Our family does not mind. To make things even better it is cheaper then you can get at the store. Starting price is only $22.00!!!!
  • Arbonne – Distributor Danielle Pickrell, “Our product philosophy embraces the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin and 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free.”


  • Harmonious Spirit – Owner Sister Hilary Spear- massage therapy, Reiki energy healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, cupping, yoga and meditation instruction, ​stress and anxiety management, ​mindfulness coaching, chair massage.
  • Sister Lakshimi Devi Lefebvre – ( No Website) Service: Energy healing, soul retrieval, extractions, clearing, crystal work, power animals and more….. Email:
  • Circle of Healing – Owner Jamie Hyde – massage, reiki and hot stone at intervals of 1/2 hour, hour, 90 mins, and even 2 hour, reiki and, birth doula. She runs a year-long holistic wellness program where participants are empowered to set goals and focus on their strengths while working on those things that challenge them about their health.


  • Shells By The Sea– Owner sister Pamela Partain she hand paints shells for you to enjoy and to make a special gifts for the special someone.


  • Matrika Press – Owner sister Marie Gerstel Manning Independent publishing house dedicated to publishing transformational works publishes anthologies, memoirs, poetry, prayer and ritual manuscripts, and other books to bring transformation to the world. Our titles are automatically made available worldwide. Whether you are an independent author desire to share your journey and wisdom with the world, or a group or organization seek a creative marketing and fundraising avenue, Matrika Press welcomes you! Why the name Matrika Press?Matrika = the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet called “the mothers”The Goddess Kali Ma used the letters to form words, and from the words formed all things…as with the Bible…”in the beginning was the Word….”People of all backgrounds and faiths agree: Words are powerful. More than that: Their vibration are creative forces, they bring all things into being. Which creative words would you like to bring into being?
  • Knorr Editing – Owner sister Aubry Knorr does all things writing. Things she can for you would be editing, proofreading, and beta reading. I also build websites. She in fact donated hundreds of hours to create this website. She did an amazing job and we could not be more grateful.


  • Dancing Jaguar Inspirations – Owner sister Eva Goulette mission is using a mixture of ancient traditions, nature experiences, and modern holistic techniques. Dancing Jaguar Inspirations assists in the development of well-rounded, empowered children, who are connected to their authentic selves, by providing them with educational experiences that nurture their minds, bodies and spirits.
  • Sarah Riddle– Homeschool Evaluations for all ages. Message myself Cheryl Partridge at for her information.