Sacred Sisterhood Prayers

Freedom of lineage. We are here to celebrate our connection to each other, our sacred cycles and who we are. 

We are here to bless our paths as we become one by learning our Sacred Women Principles.

I ask all of our highest of Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Kindness to awaken every cell in me and around me weaving divine light and love in sisterhood.

I am an empowered woman living her truth. Adorned and celebrating my feminine power:

I see and am seen.

I hear and am heard.

I love and am loved.

I witness and am witnessed.

We are an infinite bridge between heaven and earth. Allow my truth to flow me. Opening to love in all ways.   

I am alive.

I bare life.

I light the way.

May we be at home in our wombs and free in our hearts as we walk in love.

Prayer for Healing

Source of love and the healing powers of grace, peace, kindness and communication.

I place in your gentle care our need for healing and the healing power of my friends, family, neighbors and especially my enemies.

I now ask you to fill our hearts with your transcending and transforming love.

I now ask you to heal our life. That we may receive your unconditional love and healing.

We ask for healing especially for:

[ Insert Names Here]

As we accept and receive this amazing blessing all wounds and pain are offered up to you. 

Thank you to our Highest as we walk in love.